Week 1 – Dinner 3: Fettuccine Marinara

My Person had to work late today so via gchat, she guided Other Person in making pasta.   He did a great job – so great that I helped myself to some…

The recipe:

Frozen Fresh Pasta (Already in kitchen)
Pasta Sauce

  1. Boil large pot of water (1/3 full).  Salt water with a quarter-sized mound of salt
  2. Add pasta to boiling water
  3. When pasta reaches desired chewiness (probably around 10 minutes), drain. Add cold water to pasta and drain again
  4. Put pot with drained pasta back on stovetop and turn on high.  Add pasta sauce and stir and heat until hot

Pictures below.

Boiling water.

Boiling water.

Pasta added.

Pasta added.

Drained pasta.

Drained pasta.

Sauce added.

Sauce added.

All done!

All done!

Other Person did a good job, right?  But then he made a rookie mistake – he left me alone with the pasta to go wash his hands.  Oh silly, silly man.  I was able to sneak in about two bites of delicious pasta before Other Person spotted me.  Mmmmm….pasta.

So, this was the fate of the pasta.


He paid for his silliness with this sad, modified dinner:

1) the 6 bites of pasta left in the pot:


and 2) cereal in almond milk:


This is my you-can’t-be-angry-with-me-look-how-sweet-I-look face:



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